SkinChatShop® is dedicated to radiant and healthy skin care for all. Our mission is to help you make informed decisions for the care of your skin through a forum curated by Nurse Amanda. All are welcome to share their individual experiences on products, ingredients, and regiments within a blog-styled forum that is easy to search, filter, and post. Our community is built around an easy to shop store where we stock high efficacy skincare products with real active ingredients.

Nurse Amanda, a registered nurse with hospital experience, has a deep love and passion for skincare and skincare products. Her inspiration to create SkinChatShop® came from the encouragement of her friends who benefited from Nurse Amanda sharing experiences of others with common skin conditions, product use, ingredients, and varying regiments.

SkinChatShop® sells only authentic and fresh products. We hope you too will benefit from the power of the community we build together.